2011 Toyota Rav4 Owner's Manual

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In its materials, the company does not tire of emphasizing that in 1994, when the first generation RAV4 appeared, the history of not only the model, but also the class of so-called “crossovers” began. Toyota timely paid attention to the unoccupied segment of “parquetniks”, which later became a fast class of cars in the entire auto industry. RAV4 was created as a model that harmoniously combines the advantages of SUVs and more compact hatchbacks and station wagons. The Japanese borrowed the high ground clearance and four-wheel drive system from the first, and the controllability of passenger cars and a practical trunk from the second.

In the fourth generation, the company significantly updated the appearance of the Toyota RAV4, and also devoted a lot of time to improving the quality of materials.

Toyota RAV4 – Front- or all-wheel drive five-seater crossover. The car debuted in 1994. Its third generation has been produced since 2006. The Toyota RAV4 is available with a short wheelbase for Europe and Asia, and a long wheelbase for North America. Facelift – 2010.

Overall dimensions of Toyota RAV4 (XA30) (Toyota RAV 4)
length: 4415 mm, width: 1815 mm, height: 1685 mm, clearance: 190 mm, base: 2560 mm

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