2013 Toyota Corolla Owner's Manual

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The Toyota Corolla is a front-wheel drive C-class hatchback. The twelfth generation hybrid version of the hatchback was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2018 as the Auris. Six months later, Toyota officially confirmed that the car would henceforth carry the name Corolla.

The new Corolla hatchback is built on the new TNGA (GA-C) “bogie”. However, such changes should be benefited because, as the manufacturer says, the car should become more driveable without losing Toyota’s comfort. Moreover, wicked frontal part with big black “mouth” and squinted predatory look only confirms bright character of the Corolla.

Relief muscular forms, 18-inch disks, two-colored painting of a body – yes, these are all attributes of the present “hot-hatch”! Certainly, one could not do without elements of obligatory “green” version: blue logos and a pair of badges on sides and behind.

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