2013 Toyota Prado Owner's Manual

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The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a four-wheel drive SUV of the “K1” class. The second update of the Land Cruiser Prado J150 series was first presented in September 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

It is very rare to meet on the roads of Ukraine, a short version, so hotly loved by many (almost legendary) SUV from Toyota. In spite of the fact that the “kid” also does not set sales records in the rest of the world, it has still found its place among European farmers and lovers of “mud-packing”, though originally Toyota marketing experts planned to sell this car to the youth who likes active rest and travel.

Regarding the appearance of a small Prado (in the European market is just Land Cruiser) opinions differ, some see it as unfinished “stump” while others conversely trace their style, but as they say “to taste and color …”. However, except for short base and absence of a pair of doors, its front and back parts are completely identical to the 5-door version.

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