2014 Toyota Fj-cruiser Owner's Manual

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The new four-wheel drive SUV FJ Cruiser looks a bit like a coupe, although it is not so, it has five doors, the rear doors open against the motion of the car and this gives a zest. The engine in it is powerful (260 horses), the basis was taken from the Toyota Prado with a volume of 4 liters in six cylinders. Toyota Fj Cruiser has all-wheel drive. But fuel consumption is not very happy – almost 14 liters per hundred. The roof and body will be different, with colors to choose from to suit your tastes.

The basic configuration includes air conditioning, there will be no cruise control. There is not too much space for the rear passengers, but the trunk volume is as much as 790 liters, and if you fold down the rear row, it will be 1890 liters.

The FJ Cruiser’s powertrains are durable and fastidious enough, according to owners’ reviews, but the car is not economical. It is possible that Japanese manufacturers will introduce a hybrid unit in this model in the future. But now for such a Toyota FJ Cruiser you will have to pay $20,000 or more.

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