2015 Toyota Aygo Owner's Manual

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Interior design of city-car causes a sensation of desperate struggle for originality with severe resource limitation (which is normal, because Aygo is an inexpensive compact car for moving mainly in the city). The eye pleases with bright and remembered speedometer scale and availability of 7 inch touch screen multimedia system (depending on a complete set). Let your imagination run wild here in the cabin: you can order different colors (red, orange, blue, white, etc.) inserts, which give the cabin a little more peculiarity.

Rear passengers have to make do with window vents instead of power windows. But they have adjustable headrests, while the front passengers do not have them. The back of the sofa can be folded in 50:50 proportion (although in cheaper configurations there is a non-separate sofa). The volume of the trunk is 168 liters.

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