2015 Toyota Camry Owner's Manual

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Toyota Camry (2015) is a Japanese sedan produced from 2014 to 2017. The car is prestigious, designed for owners from the “middle class” in terms of finances. It is designed for 5 passengers.

The car is very common in the stream. The car is especially popular among young people. There are a lot of memes about this car on the Internet, the owners of such cars are called “sleuths”.

The car is very fond of all kinds of modifications, you can often find such a car tinted, black, with strobe lights. In the U.S., quite often the car is found in the cab, in the comfort class +. The car is often compared with the car produced by the company KIA – KIA K5. The price range of these cars is about the same, but the Kia K5 holds an advantage in terms of the number of features.

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