2016 Toyota Corolla Owner's Manual

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The Toyota Corolla is a front-wheel drive C-class hatchback. The official premiere of the twelfth generation took place in the spring of 2018 at the Geneva Motor Show. Then the car was presented under the name Auris, but after a while Toyota officially refused to use this name.

The twelfth generation Corolla hatchback has moved to a new TNGA platform, or rather its shortened version GA-C. In turn, such transition promises to make a hatchback a real drive car. It is the merit of lower center of gravity, strengthened body, and redesigned multilever rear suspension. In doing so, this “cart” allowed designers to give the car a really dynamic look, reducing its height by 25 mm (1450 mm), and making it 30 mm wider (1790 mm).

And the design of the hatchback began to look more sporty and aggressive. This is largely the merit of the front end with a new front bumper with a huge “mouth” of the radiator grille and sharp, as if “fangs”, lines of fog sections, and narrow optics and does cause associations with a cold weapon. Thus the muscular stern also does not pass up.

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