2017 Toyota Avensis Owner's Manual

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For fans of the car company Toyota will not be a secret that the Japanese easily abandon the least popular of their cars. Toyota Avensis is no exception, which will leave the market in 2023. The car company decided not to lose time and recently introduced the latest restyling of the sedan. It now has a new suspension, stiff anti-roll bar stabilizers, and among other things, there are softer shock absorbers. Just like the other versions, the Toyota Avensis 2022 “serves” three gasoline engines along with a line of powertrains. The diesel engines, on the other hand, are all new. The gasoline engines will work together with an improved CVT variator. The diesel engines are coupled with a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Inside the car, the driver and passenger will be satisfied with a panoramic roof, modern multimedia system, parking assistant, modern navigation system, full power package, side and front airbags and other useful options.
Prices for the new Toyota Avensis 2022 range from $27,500 to $50,000.

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