2017 Toyota Aygo Owner's Manual

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Interior three-door balances on the verge between the original simplicity and boredom: charismatic huge speedometer and a 7-inch touchscreen multimedia system looks bright; outdated design of the air conditioning unit spoils the picture a bit (although if you order the climate control instead, everything falls into place – its design is quite nice). To give the interior isolation will help, as in the case with the external design, various elements of customization: in contrast (red, orange, blue, etc.) you can order different elements: from the cover on the gearbox to the design of air deflectors.

Only one engine is available for Toytoa Aygo: the 1.0-liter three-cylinder atmospheric engine, which has undergone major upgrades after restyling: increased compression ratio, combined injection system, reduced friction. As a result, the engine meets Euro 6.2 standards, power increased from 69 to 72 hp, but torque decreased: from 95 to 93 Nm. Declared average fuel consumption is 4.1 liters per 100 km. To pair the engine you can order either a 5-speed “mechanics” or the same, but a robotized gearbox.

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