2017 Toyota Camry Owner's Manual

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The equipment in the most expensive set Premium is worth a separate mention. In this case, rear passengers are offered a control unit in the armrest, with which you can adjust the temperature of its “climate” zone, the tilt of the seat back and its heating, control the media system and activate the rear curtain (side curtains – mechanical)

Powertrain directly depends on the market of the model. For USA upgraded Camry offered with 2.5-liter petrol atmospheric Dynamic Force (207 hp and 243 Nm of torque) and eight-speed hydromechanics, as well as a hybrid power plant that combines 2.5-liter diesel engine and 120 horsepower electric motor (total output – 218 hp), which work with variator CVT. Drive is front-wheel drive only, though in the market of the USA 2.5-liter sedan Camry is possible to get also with all-wheel drive.

The name “Camry” comes from the Japanese phonetic recording of the Chinese character ram (kammuri), which means “crown”, so the correct pronunciation is “kamri”. Until 2004, the Camry was supplied to Europe, but with the release of the Avensis model, all bets were off.

Toyota Camry is a restyled version of the seventh generation of the model. The drive is front-wheel drive only. Transmission is exclusively a six-speed automatic. It differs from the pre-restyled version by an expanded list of equipment, updated exterior and interior design.

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