2017 Toyota Land –°ruiser Owner's Manual

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In the engine range the changes are even more extensive. The main fiddle now plays the V6 engines. Gasoline V35A-FTS with two turbochargers has a capacity of 3.4 liters (415 hp, 650 Nm), accelerating 2600-kilograms SUV to 100 km/h for 6.8 seconds. Diesel F33A-FTV with two turbochargers 3.3 liter (299 hp, 700 Nm) allows to reach the first “hundred” in just over 7 seconds. The weakest among available engines is petrol 4.0-liter V6 1GR-FE (275 hp and 385 Nm).

The turbocharged V6 is paired with an in-house developed ten-speed hydromechanics, while the atmospheric V6 is paired with a six-speed. All models have all-wheel drive, but the type of differentials and the presence of locks depends on the configuration. For example, the SUV can be equipped with only a locking inter-axle differential, and all three locks. The same applies to the variations of the suspension: available as a passive suspension, and E-KDSS with controllable stabilizer bars, but the most expensive version offers shock absorbers with electronic control. The branded off-road systems Multi Terrain Select and Crawl Control are available (and were updated).

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