2017 Toyota Mirai Owner's Manual

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Interior of the 2017 Toyota Mirai was also completely redesigned. Now more attention is given to the driver: if before the dashboard was located in the middle, now it is in front of the steering wheel, and 12.3-inch touchscreen multimedia system is slightly turned to the driver. In addition, the amount of space inside has increased: the manufacturer indicates that the rear can now accommodate three people (rather than two previously).

Significantly changed and the power plant, which is the main difference between Mirai and cars with internal combustion engines and electric cars. It consists of an electrochemical generator that uses hydrogen as fuel, hydrogen tanks, a small-capacity battery and the electric motor itself. In the second generation, Toyota engineers have moved the generator under the hood (increasing its output to 174 hp), and also added additional capacity for hydrogen: one is under the central tunnel, the second – under the second row sofa, the third – under the trunk (which allowed to increase range by 30% – up to 650 km on one charge).

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