2018 Toyota Avalon Owner's Manual

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The Toyota Avalon Hybrid is a front-wheel drive E-class sedan with a hybrid powertrain. It is designed and manufactured in the USA. The fifth-generation model debuted in Detroit in January 2018.

If you want to distinguish the hybrid version from the model working exclusively on the internal combustion engine, it is better to look under the hood right away. In fact, in appearance, except for the emblem characteristic to all hybrids of the brand blue color and a couple of nameplates, the representative of “GreenPeace” will not be recognized. But you will definitely manage to distinguish the model from its forerunner.

Guys from Calty design studio have significantly worked on the exterior of the fifth generation Avalon. Having looked closely, one may think that someone has just flattened the car, having made already not small (almost 5 meters) sedan even longer and wider, having reduced height thus by 25 mm. But exactly because of flattened optics and chiseled sides, the car became more aggressive and sports, and not losing thus some severity and pacification, due to the status of the flagship of the brand.

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