2018 Toyota Corolla Owner's Manual

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The Toyota Corolla made its debut in 1966. The model of that time was rear-wheel drive and had a longitudinally mounted engine. The designers of the Corolla series maintained this principle until 1984, when the first modification of the Toyota Corolla, already belonging to the fifth generation, was released with front-wheel drive. Between 1966 and 1977, the model was produced in five body styles: three- and five-door hatchback, station wagon, liftback and saloon. The fifth generation retained rear-wheel drive only for the station wagon and three-door hatchback. And the sixth generation, launched in 1987, was already purely front-wheel drive. Until 1992, the Corolla was equipped with four petrol engine options: carburettor and injection power units with a volume of 1.3 and 1.6 litres. The seventh generation era began in 1992. Manufacturers lengthened the car, making it more spacious. In May 1997, the eighth generation Toyota Corolla made its debut. The main achievement of this modification in Europe was the title of Car of the Year. The next version of the car was released in 2001, and the tenth anniversary generation was launched in 2006. Since the tenth generation, the Toyota Corolla has been produced only in the sedan body, and the hatchback has become a separate model – Auris.

Toyota Corolla XI is a front-wheel drive C-class saloon. Information about the new generation, which replaced the tenth generation of Toyota Corolla, was released by the company in early summer 2013. The car is available in two versions – American and European. The difference between them is in the range of powerplants, chassis settings, list of basic equipment, and design.

It is noteworthy that, unlike the American, whose appearance was quite controversial, the styling of the Corolla for Europe is much more relaxed – without excessive pretentiousness and aggression. The design of the front end of the “European” is in many ways similar to the Toyota Auris hatchback.

You can appreciate the interior and exterior of the Toyota Corolla in this video:

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