2018 Toyota Mirai Owner's Manual

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oyota Mirai is a rear-wheel-drive E-class hydrogen sedan. The second generation of the model. In the form of the Mirai Concept, the car was officially unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2019.

Built on a premium offshoot of the TNGA (GA-L, which serves as the basis for the Lexus LS and LC) modular platform, the second-generation Mirai hydrogen sedan is the visual opposite of the first generation. It is not only in completely redrawn optics, bumpers and roof line, which now in no way can be tied to Prius (namely on the general platform with Prius and was built the previous Mirai). The point is also in the significantly changed dimensions and proportions of the model: the length of the sedan increased by 85 mm (4975 mm), width – by 70 mm (1885 mm), height, in contrast, decreased by 65 mm (1470 mm). The wheelbase of the model increased by as much as 140 mm (2920 mm).

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