2018 Toyota Yaris Owner's Manual

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Toyota Yaris is a front- or all-wheel drive Class B hatchback. The fourth generation of the model. The official presentation of the car took place on October 16, 2019 in Tokyo.

The Yaris hatchback is the best-selling Toyota model in Europe: in 2019, 224 thousand new cars found their buyers (which is 7.6% of the entire European B-class). Therefore, the fourth generation of the model was developed with the wishes of European drivers in mind. The main goals were compactness and maneuverability, driving pleasure and safety.

The automobile is built on a GA-B platform (a variation of TNGA). This allowed not only to increase the body’s rigidity in torsion by 37% (ie, reduce the amount of noise and vibrations), but also to lower the center of mass by 12 mm compared with the previous model.

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