2019 Toyota Mirai Owner's Manual

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Not so long ago, the Japanese company Toyota successfully unveiled the restyled Toyota Mirai 2022. Experts talk about it as an economical and environmentally friendly car that runs on hydrogen fuel. All these factors are very important for eco-friendlier customers.

The power unit of the machine has become equipped with a lithium-ion monoblock battery with increased power capacity. As mentioned above, the Synchronous electric motor is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell unit and, of course, a converter, which is responsible for increasing the operating voltage to 650 volts. A test drive of the car made it clear that the Toyota Mirai 2022 accelerates to 175 kilometers per hour in ten seconds without any problems, with an engine power of 182 “horses”

If we talk about the visual component of the model, it catches the eye thanks to the futuristic design of the body, ergonomic layout of the equipment. The sedan’s exterior is dominated by a sporty style, as well as a large number of bright details.
The price of the Toyota Mirai 2022 starts at $73,500.

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