2020 Toyota Camry Owner's Manual

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The restyling of this model took place back in July 2021, but it took eight months for the novelty to appear on the U.S. market. The reason for such a long delay was the fact that the St. Petersburg plant, where the new Camry will be assembled, was reconfiguring its facilities. The U.S. will get a configuration with a classic gasoline engine with a huge choice of equipment, but more modified. That’s why the price will be much higher. The sedan will remain on the same modular platform with a stretched wheelbase. The novelty is the modified radiator grille with chrome decorations, and also absolutely new wheels which became 17-inch by default. As for the interior, we can say that the interior is close to the classic, but it looks very impressive. The car has six airbags, power steering, LED lighting equipment and wheels made of aluminum. The price of this model will be in the range of $36,000.

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