2020 Toyota Highlander Owner's Manual

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The 2020 Toyota Highlander has been completely redesigned. But for all that, the 3.5-liter atmospheric engine has been retained. This car has proven itself in the U.S. as the most reliable of the few. The price for the Toyota Highlander starts at $55,000. The 2022 Toyota Highlander in the updated body has become similar to the RAV4 not only externally, but also in terms of technical characteristics. The Japanese model in the U.S. is presented in two versions. The manufacturer has selected only the best models for our country. All the optics are presented only with LEDs. The front lights are equipped with an additional function of automatic switching on with the onset of darkness. The windshield wipers have a built-in sensor that turns them on when it rains. Fully all seven seats are covered with synthetic leather. The Japanese crossover is completely a family car.

In UK, the new Toyota Highlander is available with a 2GR-FKS petrol engine – a 3.5-litre V6 with the D-4S system, which combines direct and distributed fuel injection. The maximum output of the power unit is 249 hp and the torque is 356 Nm. It is combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission, and if in America the basic cars are front-wheel drive, then we immediately brought modifications with all-wheel drive, and the Premium package offers the Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD transmission, which, if necessary, automatically distributes torque between the rear wheels. using special electric clutches. This system improves driving safety and helps you to drive smoothly over difficult road surfaces. Dynamic Torque Vectoring is controlled by an electronic control system and engages the rear axle as required to ensure an optimum ratio of torque on both axles and on an individual wheel.

In some other markets, not only petrol but also hybrid versions of the Highlander are sold. The powertrain in such crossovers consists of a four-cylinder 2.5 petrol engine and two electric motors. The peak output reaches 243 hp, and the passport fuel consumption is promised at around 7 litres/100 km. The hybrid is front-wheel drive by default, but all-wheel drive with a separate electric motor on the rear axle is also available, which has become more tractable. The compact traction battery is located under the rear seats.

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