2021 Toyota Yaris Cross Owner's Manual

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Toyota Yaris Cross is a front- or all-wheel-drive K1 crossover. The first generation of the model. The car premiered on April 23, 2020.

Even though the Yaris Cross is built on the same GA-B platform as the Yaris hatchback, and also shares the name with it, it still differs significantly from the original Yaris. Both in terms of design (the crossover does not have any common with the hatchback body panels, it has its own image, created by different optics, vertical elements in the hull and inlays of unpainted plastic on the circle), and in terms of dimensions: with a total wheelbase of 2560 mm Cros longer by 240 mm (4180 mm) and higher by 90 mm (1560 mm). A clearance of 170 mm also makes itself felt.

But inside the difference between the cars is less: Cros differs by the dashboard, where the main place is occupied by a large electronic seven-inch speedometer, and touches in design of the climate system.

Important changes and behind: the second row of Yaris Cross in more expensive versions divided in the proportion 40:20:40, and the luggage compartment (390 liters vs. 190 in hatchback) has not only a double level floor, but also a panel, divided in the proportion 60:40. Thus, part of the trunk can be used to transport long vehicles (on a flat area), while the second part still provides access to the interior.

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