2022 Toyota 4runner Owner's Manual

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The new 4runner 2022 has received some updates. More specifically, the safety system and the information system have been improved. To keep the interior fresh, the trim has been updated. The suspension has become adaptive, the body is sturdy.

The engine of the Toyota 4Runner has 6 cylinders, but its power is less than that of the Toyota Camry. The transmission is only five speeds. It is said that the steering is not very accurate. Despite the interior upgrades, it looks a bit old-fashioned for 2022.

The 4Runner is designed for off-roading, so the wheels are a bit bigger than the previous model and there is a “X-Reas” relative shock absorber system.
At a cost of 40-50 thousand dollars for this car, the quality of the interior (plastic block design and angularity) could have been designed a little nicer. But it has heated seats, controlled by a roller regulator, 20 cm touch screen (and still with buttons). But there is no “climate” and automatic adjustment of headlights. With all this, the build quality is excellent.

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