2022 Toyota 86 Owner's Manual

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A modern 2022 rear-wheel-drive coupe, with 200 horses under the hood, the Japanese manufacturer is the “Toyota 86” 2022. It is made in several versions. The interior still has the same carbon fiber inserts, 2-zone climate control, music with 6 speakers, touchscreen multimedia with bluetooth connection and usb, aux ports. Parts of the interior are decorated in red and black leather and suede.

Though Toyota 86 is not too heavy car, but for 2022 with 200 horsepower engine and volume of 2 liters, acceleration up to a hundred in 7.6 seconds is too much, especially for a coupe! The choice of gearbox is a mechanical one with 6 speeds and automatic one with 6 speeds, which accelerates Toyota 86 up to a hundred already for 8,2 seconds. Because the Japanese manufacturers are not too keen on the Led technology, that’s why the “86” model has regular incandescent headlights.

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