2022 Toyota Avensis Owner's Manual

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2022 will be the last year for Toyota Avensis cars. But at the same time, the developers have seriously changed the last model of the famous Avensis. The front headlights have changed beyond recognition. Now the new Avensis has more sharpened headlights and taillights. A choice of alloy wheels has been added. The exhaust system is neatly hidden in the bottom of the car.
The interior of the updated Avensis is completely redesigned using new and high-quality materials, adding quality soundproofing not only of the interior, but also of the wheel arches. The Toyota Avensis 2022 will be equipped with:
• Panoramic sunroof;
• Dual-zone climate control and air conditioning;
• Electric package, power front seats;
• Light and rain sensors, LED running lights;
• Cruise control
There are five economical Avensis engines to choose from. Consumption of the diesel engine is only 4.1 liters. The cost of the updated Toyota Avensis is about 23 thousand euros.

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