2022 Toyota Camry Owner's Manual

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The updated Toyota Camry 2022 began appearing in markets in many countries. From the outside, the Camry has changed slightly, especially the ancestor. The ground clearance has been reduced, which the new owners are not happy about. There are quite a lot of options, more than 10. In the most inexpensive, with the price of the car $46 thousand, you can see:
β€’ 6 airbags;
β€’ ESP, ABS;
β€’ Light and rain sensor;
β€’ El. mirrors, power windows;
β€’ Climate control;
β€’ Normal cloth seats and interior trim.

The engine volume for the Camry 2022 with this kit is 2.0 liters and a variator transmission. For more expensive models, the package will include much more electronics with intelligent assistants and safety systems, expensive multimedia and sound systems, and their cost will reach $70,000.

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