2022 Toyota Corolla Сross Owner's Manual

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The Toyota Corolla Cross is a front- or all-wheel-drive K1 crossover. The first generation of the model. The car premiered in the United States on June 2, 2021.

The Corolla Cross is a crossover that complements Toyota’s niche of compact SUVs: it sits between the C-HR and RAV4 in the Japanese brand’s lineup. Despite the name, the crossover has no visual similarity with the Corolla hatchback (less fussy, massive optics, bumper design and “off-road” overlays at the car), the exception is maybe a massive grille in the form of an inverted trapeze.

The similarity lies in another: both cars are built on the TNGA (GA-C) platform and have the same wheelbase – 2640 mm. However, the crossover bypasses the hatchback in other main dimensions: its length is 4460 mm (increment is 90 mm relative to the hatchback), width is 1825 mm (65 mm), height is 1620 mm (185 mm). The road clearance plays an important role in the last dimension: for the American version it is declared at the level of 206 mm.

But the interior design of the crossover is almost a full copy of the Corolla’s interior. There is an analog dashboard with the speedometer put out to the main place, a separately standing tablet of seven- or eight-inch touch screen multimedia display and glossy “shirt” of a climatic installation – one- or two-zoned, which is located under a tablet.

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