2022 Toyota Hilux Owner's Manual

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Japanese manufacturers of pickup trucks also take care to keep up with the American off-road trucks. And they are trying to surprise with their inventions, for example, Toyota Hilux 2022 model year.

A lot of options for comfort can be seen and felt only in the expensive configurations. For normal suspension operation in off-road conditions, a lever independent suspension with telescopic shock absorbers and stability stabilizer is installed at the front. The rear suspension is based on a leaf-spring design, which allows you to carry loads up to 820 kilograms.

The most optimal engine for this model, is considered a turbodiesel 2.4 liter volume in combination with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission with 6 speeds. Fuel consumption with these engines is about 8 liters in the mixed mode.

For the most comfortable version of Toyota Hilux you will have to pay about $63,000, but with a full set of electronic chips, leather seats and the best level of safety. For the simplest model Hilux manufacturers are asking around $46,000.

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