2022 Toyota Mirai Owner's Manual

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You could say that a hydrogen-powered car is fantastic, and yes, it is. Unfortunately, for most people the Toyota Mirai will remain a dream, and it is not known until when.

The second version is a little bigger than the previous one. Has rear-wheel drive in the last 10 years of Toyota cars, which makes it unique. The interior is very spacious for passengers and driver. Nice two-tone interior, with leather seats and inserts, very attractive looking. The large information system with a 12 inch screen is very similar to the Toyota Highlander. It has buttons at the bottom of the screen for volume control. The multimedia has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The Limited Version is equipped with electronic add-ons:
• All seats are heated and ventilated;
• Sensors for automatic parking;
• Displays in the headrests of the front seats;
• Powerful audio system.

Perhaps hydrogen cars will soon be commonplace, but in the meantime, even in major U.S. cities there are no stations to refuel the Toyota Mirai.

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