2022 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid Owner's Manual

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For connoisseurs of hybrid cars, the Japanese manufacturers have released a restyled version of the 2022 Rav4 Hybrid. A little bit of exterior modifications, the updated Rav4 received. It is the front end with its grille, optics and wheel arches that distinguish this model from other Rav4s.

The large 9-inch touchscreen in the cabin immediately catches the eye, with its usual functions: car settings, media, on-board computer. The electric/engine power reserve function has been added to the dashboard. The electric/hybrid selection function has been added. Otherwise, the interior of the Rav4 Hybrid has remained unchanged except for the little things that are hard to notice. For example, there is a 220-volt household socket in the trunk.

Under ideal operating conditions, the range on a single electric motor is up to 100 km. It also has a converter that can charge the battery in 3 hours. Gasoline engines have also undergone modernization, and more precisely became more powerful.

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