2022 Toyota Rav4 Prime Owner's Manual

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The RAV4 Prime can be called the fastest and most powerful in its model class. Even its appearance wants to tell us about its sporting intentions. The atmospheric engine here is the same on 2,5 liters and 177 horses, as well as its predecessors. But the electric motors in the front-wheel drive and in the rear give out capacity of 306 horsepower.

So it can accelerate up to a hundred only in 6 seconds unlike a standard hybrid. The passport fuel consumption of Toyota Rav4 Prime is 2.6 liters per 100 kilometers, and it can travel as much as 63 kilometers in the electric mode. At the same time, the total driving range is about 1,300 kilometers. Battery life should be at least 10 years. This is what the manufacturer of the famous Toyota RAV4 Prime says.

This model is sold only in a rich package. Namely:
• Heated seats and power driver’s seat;
• Heated steering wheel;
• Projection display;
• Expensive audio system JBL.

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