2022 Toyota Sienna Owner's Manual

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The modern Toyota Sienna minivan deserves its attention, both externally and internally. The Sienna is based on the platform of the Camry. It has a seating capacity of 7-8 people. The differences in the exterior are the updated bumpers, grille, and optics with “ice” lamps.
In the cabin Japanese manufacturers have tried well to correct the mistakes, as before the owners complained about the poor quality of the interior materials. The plastic has become softer, there are leather inserts, wood inserts. Now there is a 7-inch screen in the center of the panel and the controls are conveniently positioned for your hand.

The main power unit has six cylinders and 3.5 liters, and power is 266 hp. Toyota Siena accelerates to a hundred not too fast (8.5 seconds), but the purpose of this car is not sports driving, but rather a comfortable trip with the family. Fuel consumption is high and is up to 13 liters in the city.

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