2022 Toyota Venza Owner's Manual

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The new Toyota Venza is based on the RAV 4 platform, but with its own design. The previous model resembled a minivan, but in fact the renamed Toyota Harrier crossover.

In the engine compartment of the Venza, the Japanese install an atmospheric 2.0 liter engine and a variator gearbox. Or a hybrid setup with a 2.5 liter gasoline engine. The drive can be front or all-wheel drive, depending on the buyer’s choice.

So far we know about LE, XLE, Venza Limited configurations. Their price starts from $32,000. The price for the Limited is still unknown.
The interior of the Venza is designed in the style of modern Toyotas and here the car is equipped with all the necessary functionality for a comfortable, safe ride. The quality of the interior is of a high level, using expensive materials. All the trendy intelligent assistants are installed and fully ready to perform their functions.

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