2023 Toyota Bz4x Owner's Manual

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The Toyota Bz4x is a compact, battery-powered crossover vehicle. The car’s exterior resembles that of a sci-fi vehicle. At the front, the radiator grille is of the closed type. The headlights have a pointed shape. Wheel arches are painted in black. Inside the cabin, the multimedia system screen is large enough and is suspended in the centre console. Underneath it, there are touch and physical keys to control various systems, including the climate control. Voice control and wireless software updates are also supported.

There is a choice of both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. In the first case, the engine generates 204 horsepower. In the second, it is capable of delivering a total of 218 bhp. Dynamical parameters in both cases are not bad – the car accelerates in 7,5 and 6,9 seconds up to 100 km. It is worth noting a very good range, which depending on the configuration varies from 400 to 615 kilometres.

The price can also pleasantly surprise – it ranges from $27,958 to $40,384 thousand. Key competitors from other manufacturers are: Volkswagen ID.4, Tesla Model Y.

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