2023 Toyota Mirai Owner's Manual

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This car is a sedan powered by a hydrogen hybrid powertrain. The exterior of the new model has become more attractive. The wheelbase and overall dimensions of the car have been increased.

The development was carried out in such a way as to make the vehicle more manageable. This is due to the placement of the engine (now it is in the rear), as well as batteries (which are also placed at the rear). When developing the engine they paid special attention to the range and now the new Mirai has an increased range of 650 kilometres.

The new Mirai 2023 now has a total fuel capacity of 5.6kg of hydrogen (the predecessor has a fuel capacity of 4.6kg). At the same time, a record specific power of 128 kW (versus 114 kW in the predecessor version) is demonstrated. The innovative platform developed specifically for the Toyota Mirai provides a lower centre of gravity, improves inertia and thereby maximises the vehicle’s dynamic performance.

The price for this car starts at 49,500 thousand dollars. Its classmates and main competitors from other manufacturers are: Honda Clarity and Hyundai Nexo.

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