Toyota VIN-decoder

VIN code (Vehicle Identification Number) is a vehicle identification number consisting of a combination of numeric and letter symbols. The code is a mandatory marking element and is individual for each TK (within 30 years).

It all started in 1977, when the ISO 3779 standard was adopted in the USA and Canada, describing the format of VIN numbers.

Currently, the international standard ISO 3779:1983 is in force (the latest revision is from 1996), the world manufacturer index (WMI – part of the code) is determined by the ISO 3780:1983 standard.

The identification number is located on a non-removable part of the body in places that are least prone to destruction in the event of an accident and is duplicated on a plate located in the front of the car. The VIN of modern cars is located on the front left pillar of the body and the upper left part of the torpedo.
the location of the VIN code on the car

In the case of production of TK by several enterprises, it is permissible to apply the main marking of TK only by the manufacturer of the final product.

The VIN number consists of 17 characters – Latin letters and numbers. At the same time, the symbols I, O and Q are not used in the code combinations due to the similarity with the numbers 1 and 0.

Each symbol of the VIN number carries information about one or another characteristic of the car: about the country and the manufacturing plant, the date of issue, technical characteristics, etc.