2019 Toyota Tacoma Owner's Manual

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The engine of the 2019 Toyota Tacoma is a three and a half liter petrol V6 that works with both manual and automatic transmissions (depending on where you drive). As a result, the Toyota Tacoma 2022 can hit 113 mph in 7.7 seconds. Such figures are sure to please fans of extreme recreation.

The interior designers stuck to the style called “timeless classic”. But the exterior of the car has undergone barely noticeable changes. For example, it is definitely worth paying attention to the light alloy wheels, which raise the suspension by one inch. If you look closely, you can understand that the hood is a little “grown”. For safety inside the pickup are responsible 8 airbags, plus headrests to avoid injuries, and in the front seat passengers will have knee pads.

Presumably, the price of the Toyota Tacoma 2022 will start at $25,000, which is slightly more expensive compared to other base prices for similar vehicles.

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