2012 Toyota Fj-cruiser Owner's Manual

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The exterior of the 2012 Toyota Fj-cruiser car resembles a coupe, but the car itself is an SUV. The rear doors are camouflaged, and they open against the traffic. This type of door will last very long and faithfully. The Toyota FJ Cruiser has no middle struts. This is the reason why the noise appears after a while. There won’t be much room for the passengers’ legs on the rear seats. But the updated body has much larger dimensions, which is reflected in the size of the cabin. The interior of the cabin is presented in individual design. There is an air conditioner, but there is no cruise control. The rear doors can be opened only if the front ones are slightly opened. This model can be driven fast due to the excellent engine and reliable suspension. But if you brake sharply, then after a short time disc brakes will fail. The price of the car will depend entirely on the set of options.

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