2014 Toyota Matrix Owner's Manual

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Until 2014, the Japanese automaker produced a small hatchback. The front-wheel-drive Matrix is a modification of the Corolla from the early 2000s. Until 2007, they were equipped with 1.8-liter engines in two modifications. The second generation Matrix was a better solution, at least because of the look of the modified body. The aerodynamics are better, respectively.
The interior of the Toyota Matrix does not stand out, it is rather designed for novice drivers, due to its simplicity. All the buttons and levers are at your fingertips. Even the standard Toyota Matrix is equipped with cruise control, air conditioning, power steering and good noise insulation.
Specifically for this model, manufacturers have made a 2.4-liter engine with 158 horsepower and automatic transmission or manual transmission with 5 speeds. It is also available as an all-wheel-drive Matrix in the “S” modification. For slippery roads, this car is not inferior to many other all-wheel-drive counterparts.

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