2016 Toyota Tundra Owner's Manual

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The credit for this is in the first place the reinforced steel ladder frame, now with a box section (in the Limited and above versions the cab is attached to it with the help of hydraulic supports). Composite materials and aluminum are used in the design of the cargo area.

The second important factor is the revised range of power plants and transmissions. Instead of V8, now a twin supercharged 3.445-liter V-six is used, working together with a 10-speed hydromechanical gearbox. The first is the i-Force engine, which produces 394 hp and 649 Nm. The second one – designated i-Force Max – is a hybrid: there is an electric motor between the engine and the box, allowing to move on electric drive for short periods of time at speeds up to 29 km/h. The nickel-metal hydride battery of small capacity is located under the seats of the second row. The total i-Force Max output is 443 hp and 790 Nm.

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