2018 Toyota Auris Owner's Manual

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In the penultimate years, Toyota brand creates better and better cars. Starting to analyze the exterior, we can notice that the front part of Toyota Auris has acquired more modern features: an updated grille, a new enlarged beehive style, and the shape of the headlights has become individual.

The new LED headlights with LEDs have been introduced. This car is built on the TNGA platform. This particular model is longer than its previous release. The hood is located a little lower, due to this the field of view of the motorist increases. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is possible in just 9 seconds. Location of the hatch covers almost the entire car, the interior trim is presented in leather.

The car on the road is smooth and almost no noise. Here are some improvements on the equipment of Auris 2018:
β€’ Seven Airbags Safety System
β€’ Improved traction control system
β€’ Wireless charger for smartphones available
β€’ Automatic air conditioner located in two places
β€’ Bright LED lights
β€’ Built-in autopilot

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