2018 Toyota Highlander Owner's Manual

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The Toyota Highlander is a front- or all-wheel drive crossover of the “K3” class. The fourth generation of the model. The crossover was officially unveiled at the New York Auto Show on April 17, 2019.

The generation change has dramatically affected the crossover’s exterior image. By narrowing the headlights, giving the false radiator grille a strictly outlined shape of an inverted trapezoid, as well as quite high “back” unpainted part of the front bumper, the designers were able to give a rather “family” in the previous generation crossover a bit even unnatural aggression. Only the reduced area of the side windowing with a descending line strengthens the image. Therefore, “a profile” of the Highlander looks deliberately sports.

Visual transformations are the reflection of the approach to technical changes: the crossover is already constructed on other platform, it is modular TNGA-K with which we are familiar on models Camry and RAV4. The body has become more rigid, in addition, according to the manufacturer’s statement, the level of noise insulation materials has improved. As for the size, the length of the car has increased to 4950 mm (added 60 mm), – there is more space in the back.

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