2019 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid Owner's Manual

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Surprisingly, this model is much more recognizable than its predecessor, which is described above. Inside the car there is the same four-cylinder engine with a volume of two and a half liters and a capacity of more than 176 “horses”, which is familiar to many motorists. It works in pair with electronic system (full drive at will of the driver. But the torque of the car is increased due to the rear electric motor.
As for the exterior, the eye is immediately struck by detailed taillights, which add a little charm to the car. The Japanese company’s logo also features blue backlighting and many new schemes with a choice of the desired color. Toyota has even invented its own unique shade of blue, succinctly named Blue. Otherwise, the car model is very similar to its basic version.
The new Rav4 Hybrid 2022 will cost customers $30,000.

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